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Trade unions are key partners of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in all three Baltic countries. Young and future members of trade unions are vitally important for continuity of trade union traditions in the region. Deepening economic crisis and high unemployment rates in all three Baltic states ask for more political engagement of youth. Issues of active political participation and employees rights are to be addressed through discussions and workshops. Networking of youth trade unions across the Baltic Sea region may supply new ideas and approaches for better understanding of rights and advocacy for the benefit of employees.


Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung supported three days intensive debates of representatives of trade unions` youth from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in Sigulda during the 10th regular Baltic Trade Union Youth Forum. The Forum was hosted by Latvian Free Trade Unions` Association (LBAS).

Latvian Free Tade Unions` Association and Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) participated in the debates on redefining social justice in global economic crisis at high level (Mr. Egils Baldzens, Deputy Head of the Latvian Free Tade Unions` Association held a key note speech).


The following three main issues were discussed during the workshop:

  • Collective agreement for youth - strengthening the role of collective agreements and social dialogue;
  • Young employees - supporting young people at their first workplaces;
  • Trade Unions as a tool for aid at workplace - possible ways of attracting new young members; various trade union structures (pros and cons), organizing young people in the trade union branches.

As Forum approached its final stage, the participants formulated Baltic feedback on economic crisis for the upcoming events for ETUC and PERC Youth committee meetings. In order to make cooperation of three Baltic youth trade unionists more active, participants elected a group of speakers consisting of three members from each country.


Photos from the event available here…



Opening session of the 10th Forum



Young trade unions` members analyse risks for employees



Young trade unions` members from three Baltic states